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SCC MEMO: Become a volunteer

Volunteer Term of reference

Purpose: Silayan Community Centre (SCC) recognizes that without volunteers, SCC would not be able to continue providing programs and activities for its members and community partners. SCC is committed to providing an avenue for the volunteers to develop their skills through SCC’s programs. This will serve as a general guideline for all volunteer positions. There is a separate policy for Board of Directors.

1. Recruitment: A genuine effort will be made to recruit and select volunteers from a broad range of backgrounds and experience that is representative of the community that SCC serves. Depending on the skill requirement at the time, SCC will try to accommodate most volunteers.

2. Application: SCC requires that every potential volunteer must complete an application form prior to any interview or commencement of volunteer activities. Applicants must be over 18 years of age. If the applicant is under the age of 18, a written consent by the parent or guardian is needed and would be required to attend the interview.

3. Interview: All potential volunteers will be interviewed by a supervisor assigned by the Volunteer Committee to determine the volunteer’s interests and suitability. Volunteers will be assigned tasks that will utilize the volunteer’s skills and complement SCC’s needs at the time. After the interview is complete the supervisor will notify the potential volunteer no later than 2 weeks with an acceptance offer or refusal.

3.1 Reasons for refusal

  • Volunteer did not meet skills necessary for the desired position
  • Volunteer refuses to sign the confidentiality agreement
  • Volunteer refuses to provide references
  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) did not sign the application form

4. Confidentiality Agreement: All volunteers accepted into the Volunteer Program are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to ensure the privacy of SCC’s clients, members, board and volunteers is protected. If there is a suspected breach of confidentiality, a volunteer will be asked to refrain from any activity pending an investigation. If confidentiality has been breached, the volunteer will be dismissed, and asked to leave SCC premises immediately. Pending the severity of the breach, the volunteer may be barred from SCC.

5. Volunteer expectation and rights: SCC believes that volunteers are entitled to certain rights and expectation of their positions and that every attempt will be made by SCC Board of Directors and staff to uphold those rights. Therefore, all volunteers can expect:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • That SCC is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for volunteers
  • To receive proper orientation, training and professional development for advertised activities
  • That volunteer assignments will address the mission of SCC and involve volunteers in a meaningful way by reflecting their various abilities, needs and backgrounds
  • That volunteer assignments will have written descriptions that include duties, responsibilities, skills needed, time required and benefits (to SCC)
  • That policies and procedures is consistent with current Human Rights Codes and employment standards
  • To be recognized for valuable contributions to SCC’s operations

6. Volunteer responsibilities: SCC believes that volunteers are valuable and integral members of the organization’s human resources. Therefore, SCC expects volunteers to:

  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times when representing SCC at public functions and events
  • Fulfill their commitment to serve
  • Be willing to learn and accept supervision
  • Respect confidentiality and protect privileged information
  • Promptly contact supervisor or designate if experiencing difficulties or concerns
  • Complete assigned duties in a safe manner
  • Work cooperatively with others (community partners, other volunteers, staff, and board members)
  • Serve as a responsible representative of SCC and understand SCC’s mission and objectives

7. Training: Volunteers can expect appropriate levels of supervision according to their task and regular opportunities to receive and give feedback. Before starting any assignment, volunteers will:

  • Receive information on SCC’s history, mission/values/goals, organizational structure
  • Receive policies and procedures related to their assignment (if necessary)
  • Receive a job description and with discussion/review with the supervisor during their time with SCC
  • Receive adequate training for the assigned task
  • Receive an evaluation if the assignment is longer than 3 months
  • Receive opportunities for further skills-training when available

8. Volunteer Recognition: SCC believes that volunteers should be recognized for their contributions to the operation of the centre. Accordingly the Board of Directors and staff will make every effort to provide ongoing personal and public recognition during celebration events for all volunteers.

9. Volunteer Dismissal: Although SCC strongly believes in fairness, the organization will not tolerate behaviour that does not represent the SCC’s mission and values. If a volunteer has been found to have violated policies and procedures, an investigation will be conducted. All volunteers will be dismissed immediately if volunteer has:

  • Breached confidentiality agreement
  • Used abusive or foul language repeatedly
  • Neglected duties and responsibilities
  • Violated SCC’s policies on Human Rights (including Access and Equity)
  • Violation of Health and Safety Act
  • Theft (in all its forms: intellectual, property)
  • Use of physical violence and threats
  • Use of alcohol or illegal drugs while performing volunteer duties
  • Committing an illegal/criminal act while performing volunteer duties
  • Any fraudulent activity (in all its forms) against SCC

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Silayan Community Centre said...

Calling all potential volunteers!!! This is your chance to give back and make a difference. SCC needs your time & effort, skills & expertise and most of all your passion & committment. Let's rebuild Silayan to what it was and what it can be!

Simply fill out an application for at the office and we'll arrange a meeting with you to go over your skills.

Thank you!

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