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SCC Senior's Christmas Party December 04

Mr. Tony Neil celebrating his birthday with SCC members.

It's always good to see SCC president partying with members
The good thing about potluck, you almost always end up with a take-home
Ben and Lea folk dancing Bayanihan style
Next time let's do away with firing squad photos
Mr. Tony Neil celebrating his birthday with SCC. Happy birthday Neil. May you have more birthdays to come
Tony Neil and his family
Newcomers from Nepal who celebrated Christmas with SCC

President Nora welcoming SCC members and friends

SCC Christmas Party December 04

SCC's seniors celebrated it's Christmas Party at Silayan Community Centre on December 04, 2010. It was also a surprise birthday celebration for Mr. Tony Neil, one of the most loved SCC members.
There were around 50 SCC senior members who came with their families.
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